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We offer a wide range of virgin plastic raw materials. For each application, we have the possibility to offer either prime or off grade materials at a good price.

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Several contracts with big recycling plants in Europe gives us the ability to offer a wide range of PP and PE recycled grades on a monthly basis with consistent quality and a good price.

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Working with several stretchfilm giants and a few small stretchfilm experts we are able to offer not only great prices but also great quality.

Richfield Trading – Specialized in plastic.

As we are in the field of virgin materials, recycled materials, and final products we have a deep understanding of the supply chain in plastics.

We believe quality comes first, so instead of putting the focus on when to buy, we at Richfield focus on what to buy. The consistency of the quality of our products has been the key to our success.

Pricing off course is also key in our trading business. Our competitive price comes from our ability to buy all over the world. We have very good partners in each continent so follow all the market trends.

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